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what is Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase is one of the competitive cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto market and starting your exchange like Coinbase is indeed a wise move to attract a huge user base who is looking for a user-to-admin platform with low transaction fees loaded with multiple features.

Coinbase clone script is the exact replica of the original user to admin based Coinbase exchange with the adoption of all the essential features and security options. The Coinbase clone script comes with 100% customization options that allow you to customize the trading & security features based on your business requirements. It’s one of the most effective ways to start a crypto exchange business like Coinbase. CoinsQueens help you to get your dedicated Coinbase-like crypto exchange platform using our updated Coinbase clone script.

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Highlights of Our Coinbase Clone Script

High Transaction Speed

Coinbase clone script is developed in such a way that it conducts transactions without any lag. It allows the users to transact at a faster rate.

Integrated Wallet

The Coinbase clone script comes with an integrated wallet that can help with the storage and exchange of cryptocurrencies in an instant manner.

Liquidity API

High liquidity API helps the cryptocurrency exchange platform to perform faster transactions within seconds.

Customization Options

The Coinbase clone script comes in a customizable format that allows you to customize or modify the software as per the business requirements.

Trading Bot

The Integrated trading bot helps the user to conduct trading as per their investment limit and allows the user to make profits while they sleep.

Premium Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script


Smart Contract

Our Coinbase clone script comes with an updated smart contract facility that will allow you to have a trusted digital contract for your crypto exchange platform.


Futures and options trading

Our Coinbase clone script comes with various trading options like the futures and options trading options with additional features of inducting marginal trading options.


ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens and TRX Tokens Support

We help you initiate your Coinbase clone script that allows you to list tokens that are created in the Ethereum and Tron blockchain in the ERC20, TRX10 & TRC20 token standards.


OTC Trading

Over-the-Counter Trading is a sophisticated option by which you can directly allow your user to buy or sell cryptocurrencies to another person at the prescribed price. We help the user to get updated OTC trading features to facilitate trading.


Cryptocurrency Listing

You can add any number of cryptocurrencies in your cryptocurrency to exchange platform using our Coinbase clone script.


Bounty Features

The Coinbase clone script comes with certain bounty features that allow your users to get exciting trading benefits and airdrops during the initiation of any new coin in your cryptocurrency exchange platform.


User-friendly CMS/ Admin Panel

Our Admin panel is crafted in a way that you will find it easy to operate and manage your cryptocurrency exchange platform efficiently.

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Security Features of Our Coinbase Clone Script


Private key allocation
KYC/AML verification
Secure Wallet
2 Factor Authentication
Content Management System
CSRF protection
SQL injection prevention
HTTPS authentication
Registry lock
Anti-Phishing software
Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase Clone App Development

Coinbase mobile application is widely used by crypto traders and users all over the world. It is handy and feasible to use and is also considered a long-term investment for crypto startups. Having a Coinbase clone app along with the crypto exchange platform like Coinbase helps to drive more users to your crypto exchange business. Our Coinbase clone app development consists of all the features and functionalities that are available in the Coinbase clone script. Some of the prominent features of our Coinbase clone app are,

  • Pop up notifications
  • Live track view of trades
  • Blockchain ledgers
  • High-end security features
  • Geo-Location tracking
  • Advanced UI dashboard
  • Customizable clone app for your crypto business.
  • Multi-signature wallet
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CoinsQueens for Coinbase Clone Script

Why CoinsQueens for Your Coinbase Clone Script?

CoinsQueens is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange development service provider who can provide you with instant cryptocurrency exchange solutions to start your crypto exchange business. We are specialized in providing Coinbase clone scripts and have successfully helped many cryptopreneurs to start their crypto exchange platform like Coinbase hassle-free.

We offer a customizable software that lets you modify or edit in both the front-end and back-end as per your crypto exchange business requirements. Our blockchain developers are highly skilled and offer you the best outcomes as per your crypto exchange business requirements. Reach us to get your updated, secure, reliable, and highly functional Coinbase clone script/software to kickstart your cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly.

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