Business-specific Decentralized Finance Development services


Decentralized Finance Development servicess

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is gaining traction in the financial world. The DeFi system is "non-custodial" in nature, open-source, and conducts seamless borderless transactions. DeFi eliminates third-party influence by making the entire transaction transparent (Smart contract and token development). DApps allow your users to stake and pool cryptocurrencies of their choice and get various revenue generation opportunities. So, it is time for you to kickstart your DeFi Business with CoinsQueens.

CoinsQueens is a high-performing decentralized finance development service provider that constantly delivers defi development services such as DeFi Dapp development, DeFi token & wallet creation, DeFi smart contract development, and more. Join hands with us to participate in the upcoming financial revolution and begin making money.

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Our Decentralized Finance Development Services

For an entrepreneur who wants to stand out in the crypto business streams, CoinsQueens offers out-of-the-box decentralized finance development services and solutions with updated features and functions.

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Decentralized Lottery System Development services

Integrate your Defi products with a no-loss lottery system that efficiently benefits the users. Smart contracts choose users for rewards at random, with no impact on investments.

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DeFi Insurance System Development services

We provide top-notch DeFi Insurance system development services that is unique and operate on various blockchain networks.

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DeFi Yield Farming Platform Development

Yield farming is a method of maximising earnings from existing crypto holdings. We are experts in the development of DeFi yield farming platforms based on DeFi protocols.

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DeFi staking Platform development

Staking digital assets in the wallet to produce enough passive income for relative rewards is known as defi staking. Contact us if you're looking for a great DeFi staking platform.

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Development of a DeFi Lending/Borrowing Platform

DeFi is a decentralized sharing platform that allows users to lend/borrow their digital assets and earn interest using a smart contract. We provide safe DeFi financing and borrowing.

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DeFi Smart Contracts development

Smart contract is a highly encrypted Solidity programming language that automatically conducts transactions depending on pre-defined terms and conditions.

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DeFi Token Development

DeFi tokens enable users to borrow/lend inside a peer-to-peer network or take out insurance directly without the use of intermediaries such as banks. We use open-source protocols to deploy DeFi tokens.

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DeFi Wallet development

With open-source DeFi protocols, we create and offer secure Defi wallets. In our decentralized multi-crypto wallet, you may store and manage your cryptocurrencies and DeFi tokens.

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DeFi Exchange platform development

With the help of a comprehensive dex script, you can build a DeFi-based cryptocurrency exchange platform and provide traders with high-end security software that includes a variety of features.

How does our DeFi development software work for your business?

Users can access their digital assets from anywhere in the globe with no KYC or credit ratings using your DeFi platform, which is borderless and seamless.

Each transaction is kept on several nodes around the world. The user can gain access to the data by using the private keys of their blockchain ledger.

Your token can be purchased by the user and staked in his account or in the liquidity pool.

In the DeFi liquidity platform, your user can earn interest or a specific percentage of transaction and trading fees.

For staking the token in the liquidity pool, you reward your users. The proportion changes depending on the Defi platform.

Premium Features of our DeFi development services


For your business, a highly secure decentralized platform.


It is a peer-to-peer network based on blockchain technology that is open source and hence it is more transparent.

Yield farming

Use a variety of Defi procedures to get enormous returns from a yield farming. Make sure you provide valuable percentage of returns that might attract your users to use the yield farming.

Staking and Pooling

Allow your users to stake and pool coins in your platform and reward them for doing so on a regular basis.

Liquidity Maintenance

Liquidity is the maintenance of a high-end liquidity pool for staking coins and tokens.

Defi Wallet Integration

As part of our defi solutions, we offer business-specific defi wallet integration.

Blockchain technology

Our Defi development services ensure that your firm receives blockchain technology-based Defi solutions.

DeFi smart contract

A smart contract is more reliable than any other type of contract.

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Security features of DeFI development services


Origin Authentication

2 Factor authentication

Rearrangement Attack Detection & Re-entry Attack Detection

Consumption of energy detection

Call Injection Detection & Return Attack Detection

CSRF and Anti-DDoS

Misuse of random number detection

Bypass Detection of frozen accounts

Transactions and communications dependency Detection

Access Control management

Vulnerability Detection

Replay Attack Detection

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Business Benefits of our DeFi Development Services


Industry Verticals that can benefit from your DeFi Platform



Social networking






Real Estate



Supply chain




Information Technology

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Why choose us for your DeFi Development Services?


CoinsQueens for DeFi Development Services

Coinsqueens has built a reputation as a top-notch DeFi development service provider over the years, providing best-in-class DeFi solutions with unrivaled security and functionality. Discover what makes us a one-of-a-kind DeFi-based decentralized exchange script provider in the marketplace.

  • Development that is focused on the client requirements
  • Developers of decentralized applications pioneers
  • Round-the-clock assistance and support from a team of skilled DeFi professionals
  • Solutions that are both cost-efficient and effective are provided. Solutions of the highest quality
  • On-Time Delivery