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Axie Infinity Clone Script for Your NFT Gaming Business


Axie Infinity Clone Script, what is it

We CoinsQueens furnish super-rich Axie Infinity clone script packed with enriched features and advancements. You can modify your NFT gaming development with our Axie Infitinty clone script at an affordable price, and you can get it within a week. Axie Infinity is one of the most prominent gaming platforms backed by Ethereum that comprise the Pokémon-esque named Axies. These Axie creatures are represented as NFTs in the platform, and they are pets that can be used for battles, breeding, and building kingdoms. Many entrepreneurs are aspiring to create their own gaming platform similar to Axie Infinity. If you are looking for a perfect place to develop your gaming platform, CoinsQueens helps you with a feature-rich Axie Infinity clone script.

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Fundamental Features of Our Axie Infinity Clone Script

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Own Token Building

Axie Infinity lists its own token AXS on their gaming platform similarly, your own token can be created for your gaming platform, which can be used for buying items on your platform.

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Battle Field

The purpose of the battlefield is to letting the Axies fight against the enemies, and based on the Axies that won in the battle, its value is increased.

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Virtual Land

A kingdom is developed and divided into various small fragments. Those fragments are tokenized, and it is used for the living of the Axies.

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The Marketplace helps to buy and sells the Axies, items for Axies, Bundles, and Charms. It is similar to an NFT marketplace, and the users can list their bred Axies or buy items needed for their gameplay and kingdom development.

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Chest Sale

Chests are sold through this chest sale, and those chests contain rare collections and have a plot from the virtual land.

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Breeding Axies

The Axies can be bred with various other Axie breeds and used for sales, and the value of the Axies is increased, making the gameplay more interesting.

Core Features of Axie Infinity Clone Script

Admin features Axie Infinity clone script
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Player Management
  • Secured CMS and CRM
  • Access to real-time data management
  • Referral program management
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Users features Axie Infinity clone script
  • Reward distribution
  • Complete transparency
  • Wallet integration
  • User safety
  • Realistic game-play experience
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Why Prefer CoinsQueens for Your NFT Gaming Platform Development


CoinsQueens for Your NFT Gaming Platform Development

We CoinsQueens have an impeccable team of blockchain experts, a creative team of designers, and experienced developers and testers. We provide a bug-free Axie Infinity clone script integrated with superfine features and highly secured, ensuring the full safety of your NFT gaming platform. Every edge of our Axie Infinity clone script can be modified, depending upon your preferences, with the customization option. We offer our services at a reasonable price, and you will get the finished product within 10 days. We create your Axie Infinity clone script with progressive technology tools, and it is tested multiple times to ensure it is completely bug-free.


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