Since the technology evolution, the gaming sector is inevitable and the most dominant sector in the market. In each decade, it has evolved with different technologies, genres, concepts, and more. The craze of gaming will never fade away. Each day, the gaming sector has been reaching to the next level. A billion people are pursuing new gaming concepts and technologies.

In recent years, NFT games are buzzing in the gaming field. It is considered as next big thing among gamers. It will give an immense experience to gamers. A lot of popular organizations and startups are trying to implement their unique gaming concepts with the help of the NFT Gaming platform, and Zed Run is one such gaming platform.

Zed Run is a blockchain-based NFT game platform. The unique concept of the Zed Run is digital horse racing. The platform hosts races at regular intervals. Users can breed the NFT horse for racing.

How to play the Zed Run platform?

Create a Metamask Wallet:

In the first step, you need to create your own MetaMask wallet. It is not a big deal simply sign up with your mail. It’s an Ethereum-based crypto wallet and can be integrated with the crypto ecosystem. 

Transfer ETH to MetaMask:

After MetaMask wallet creation, you need to transfer ETH from Coinbase Pay or another crypto wallet to your MetaMask account. Once you have funds in your account, you are eligible to buy your horse.

Create your account:

Then go to the Zed Run website and sign up and pick the MetaMask account. Then just Confirm your details and agree to the terms of service.

Wrap your ETH:

Transfer your Ethereum to wrapped Ethereum(WETH). Whenever using WETH, you don’t need to pay any gas fees for buying horses, breeding, and racing.

Purchase the horses:

Now you are ready to purchase horses. You can select the horse per attributes like bloodline, gender, genotype, color, price, and more.

What are the ways to develop your Zed Run Gaming Platform?

You can build your digital horse racing platform like Zed Run in two ways.

1.Building an NFT gaming platform like Zed Run from scratch.

2.Purchasing pre-made Zed Run Clone script.

Building the NFT gaming platform like Zed Run from the scratch:

If you choose to build from scratch, you can build everything like theme, color, technical stacks, and more. It may be unique after development, but at the same time, it takes a long time, and Costs are high.

Purchasing pre-made Zed Run Clone Scripts:

Its a one of the finest ways to launch your NFT gaming platform like Zed Run. Because it’s pre-developed software and integrated with all essential functionalities and plugins. Let’s see it in detail.

What is Zed Run Clone Script exactly?

Zed Run Clone Script replicates the original Zed Run gaming platform that is customized based on user-specific requirements. It’s a time-saving and cost-effective method to build your own NFT Gaming platform like Zed Run.

People can access all the features of the original Zed Run platform. For example, users can purchase a unique digital horse and modify the horse’s appearance according to their needs. In general, there are four types of racing horses available within a platform





    Let’s elaborate on the features and benefits of the Zed Run clone script.

    Features of our Zed Run Clone Software:


    Launching the gaming platform lets you purchase your first digital horse and participate in the racing. You can participate in different types of racing, especially paid racing will make it more exciting.

    NFT Marketplaces:

    It’s a place to allow buying, selling, and exchanging NFT through a gaming platform. You can purchase different gaming assets like skins, accessories, and more.


    It is the process of developing a new breed of horses for upcoming races. It is a way to boost the performance of horses to win the races.


    Attributes mean the complete data of the horses like bloodline, gender, genotype, horse speed, performance, track record, and more. The data will represent your horse as unique.

    Race updates:

    It will notify the information about upcoming race events and brief information about horses.

    Business benefits of our Zed Run Clone Script:

    Minimal Investment:

    The investment in clone script is minimal compared to building your gaming platform from scratch.

    Quick Launch:

    The platform is readymade software, so it will not take much time to deploy. It will be ready to use within a short while.

    Fully Modifiable:

    It’s an end-to-end customizable software, which means you can add or modify any features according to your ideas. Because each gamer has unique ideas and thoughts. So you can alter any features per your preference.

    User gaining within a short span:

    The gaming sector is immortal. If your gaming platform is unique and ravishing, that will fascinate the users. Once your gaming platform is popular among people, then the user base count will be automatically raised.

    Huge ROI:

    Once user flows increase, the gaming platform will automatically be engaged, which makes a hefty ROI for your NFT gaming business.

    Why CoinsQueens the best choice to launch an NFT gaming like Zed Run?

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