WazirX Clone Script – Overview

WazirX clone script is the replica or the similar software that works like the popular Indian cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX. WazirX clone script is enclosed with all the essential features and security benefits along with add-on features that you can add as per your business requirements.

As it is an end-to-end customizable software, it allows you to add or remove the features as per your crypto exchange requirements. White label WazirX clone script is a readymade software that allows you to start your cryptocurrency exchange platform like WazirX and CoinsQueens offers you the best solutions to start your exchange platform within a week.

Highlighting Features of Our Wazirx Clone Script

Real time price and view

As an exchange owner, you can provide a real time price and trade view for your users thereby helping them to make on-spot trades on the value of cryptos.

Multiple trading options

Our WazirX clone script is equipped with updated features and programming where it allows your users to trade on multiple options like spot trading, margin trading, etc

Multiple integration options

Apart from cryptocurrency wallet integrations, you can integrate crypto payment gateway, IEO launchpad integrations, etc with your cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Multiple cryptocurrencies

We have adopted the convenience of introducing multiple cryptocurrencies and trading pairs as per your crypto exchange business requirements.

Trading bots

Trading bots will help your users to get the preferable and valuable trades in an automated manner.

Advanced UI/UX

We have strategically designed the UI/UX of our WazirX Clone script to provide a stunning viewing experience for both admin and the user.

Trading interfaces as per the trader experience

WazirX clone script has come up with three types of trading interfaces as per the trader experience - Basic, Advanced and pro. The user can choose the level of their trading and trade on that interface.

Listing coins

WazirX clone script allows you to list any number of coins and allocate trading pairs for that coin or token. The marketing strategy works similar to that of WazirX that allows you to list your client’s coins and market them efficiently.

Security Features of Our Wazirx Clone Script

Factor Authentication
HTTPS authentication
CSRF protection
Crypto price ticker API
Anti-Phishing software
Blockchain technology
Jail login
Escrow security
Email verification
Asymmetric verification

WazirX Clone App Development

Wazirx Clone Script

Mobile phones have been used by most of the crypto traders, as it is highly accessible. Developing a mobile application for your crypto exchange platform allows your crypto traders to trade simultaneously. WazirX clone app is a customizable clone application that works similar to the original software with all the essential features along with adding up some add-on features as per your business requirements. CoinsQueens has a team of professional mobile application developers who can design a WazirX clone application that is best suitable for iOS and Android.

Some stunning features of our WazirX clone app are

  • Push notifications
  • Advanced UI
  • Geo indication
  • Escrow management
  • Email verification
  • Face login
  • Automatic updates
  • Referral program
  • Crypto wallet integration.
  • Access to transaction history

How Does Our Wazirx Exchange Clone Script Work?


Users need to register their account before trading in your cryptocurrency exchange website/app


The user would receive an email for verification. After verifying the email, they can start trading on your crypto exchange platform.


The user can deposit money in the account without KYC. But for withdrawal, KYC is mandatory. The KYC process might not take more than a day or two as it is automated and managed.


After completing the KYC process, users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in the market in a hassle-free way.


If any dispute is being raised during the peer to peer exchange, the admin will be notified and can resolve them.

How Do We Customize and Deploy the Wazirx Clone Script?

First we would come to know about the client's requirement and create an analysis.

After creating a strategy, our dedicated design and development team would come up with perfect solutions to develop your crypto exchange.

Once the second process is completed, it is sent to the testing process where our highly skilled and qualified testers will test the site and look for bugs. Once it is cleared, it is moved to the deployment stage.

The deployment stage is the high priority stage where the dreams come true. We come up with a perfect solution as per the client’s request and help them launch a highly competitive site for their cryptocurrency business.

Why Coinsqueens for WazirX Clone Script?

CoinsQueens is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange development service provider and has a specialised in creating clone scripts for helping the startups and entrepreneurs to initiate their cryptocurrency exchange platform instantly and earn huge ROI. Our WazirX clone script is a customizable software that allows you to modify the software at any stage of the software development. You can add or remove any features as per the requirements and and make it unique as per your business desires. We help you to create your crypto exchange by using our high-end technology stack and tools. We have a dedicated team of developers who can help you to come up with a secure and reliable white label cryptocurrency exchange platform like WazirX. Reach us to launch your cryptocurrency platform like WazirX instantly.

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