In this modern world, Virtual pretending has started to gain more concern in recent times. Nearly everything that can be accomplished in the actual world is also possible in the virtual one.

This is where Polkacity comes into mind. One of the latest NFT Marketplace Platforms is Polkacity, which allows users to buy virtual assets in the virtual city by using blockchain technology. It has created an interest in a lot of business people.


Also, it is enumerated on the top exchanges such as Coinbase, UniSwap, CoinGeck, Delta app, etc.


In this blog, we will see exciting information about Polkacity by using the Clone Script method.


Before diving into the topic, Let’s have a glimpse of “ What is Polkacity”.


An Overview of Polkacity:


Polkacity is a virtual investment platform, an open-sourced decentralized system that is completely automated and enables users to buy virtual assets like energy stations and rental cars as well as make revenue from each referral they make to new users.


Polkacity is also known as an automatic and Decentralized Smart Contract. The Polkadot and Ethereum blockchain networks were both used to create Polkacity.


It also provides services such as Marketplace, Exchanges, and Bridge. This Modern Virtual city combines with DeFi, NFT and Polkadot.


Overall, PolkaCity is an entertaining and fascinating virtual environment where users can showcase their creativity meanwhile offering a platform for cryptocurrency trade and investing.


Coming to the main topic, Let’s jump to know “What is Polkacity Clone Script”.


An Outline of Polkacity Clone Script :


Polkacity Clone Script is a pre-built Clone Software that can be used to build an NFT marketplace platform similar to the actual platform which is Polkacity.


All users and investors have access to the virtual city and can invest their money in various assets there, such as virtual hotels, virtual taxis, and others, and it also generates a great income without the need for a difficult process.


Polkacity has a native token which is POLC and it was created using the ERC20 standard.


You may launch your own decentralized, smart contract-based Polkacity Clone Script platform and make a great profit by consulting “CoinsQueens”.


Impeccable Features of Polkacity Clone Software:


The qualities of every service are its most important features. Because based on the performance of your platform will drive. A Strong performance platform will also enable you to reach a large audience.


So, here are the prime features we offer,


Customizable Features


Depending on the needs of the client, this Clone Script can be modified to include or eliminate particular features and functionalities.


NFT Wallet Integration


NFT Wallet will be integrated into Polkacity Clone so that you can buy, sell, and store all varieties of NFT smoothly.


AR/VR Integration


To give a better experience for users, Polkacity Clone Script was implemented and merged with a high-tech virtual reality.


Advanced NFT Construction Tools


A fantastic free construction tool is available in Polkacity Clone Software so you can create your NFTs on your virtual property.


NFT Treasure Hunt


 It is a form of competition between Gamers and NFT users to find NFTs from the treasure hunt.


3D/NFT Store


It offers a realistic user experience and helps NFT users to purchase 3D and AR-based NFTs that can be utilized on the Polkacity Metaverse.


ETH and BSC Bridge


By creating a bridge, Polkacity enables users to quickly exchange ETH and BSC tokens as well as POLC tokens.


Multi-player Support


Multiplayer capability is supported by this Polkacity clone, which allows users to cooperate with other players.




This Clone Software is built with strong security to secure user data from spammers.


Overall, these are the exciting features that we are providing to each client. But, the above-mentioned characteristics may vary based on the client’s needs and priorities.


How does the Polkacity Clone Software function?


  • The first step is, You must sign up as a member of the Polkacity community.
  • Following that, you must choose from the platform your desired virtual assets such as cabs, hotels, petrol stations, and other assets.
  • After choosing the asset, the user must make a payment at the address specified on the contract.
  • After completion of all processes, users will be paid weekly corresponding to the asset.


Why Launch A Blockchain-based Virtual City-building Game with Polkacity Clone?


Various reasons could influence someone’s decision to introduce a blockchain-based virtual city-building game like Polkacity.


Here are a few reasons,


  • To produce a fun and engaging gaming experience.
  • To include cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • To create a community
  • To make revenue
  • To establish the boundaries of blockchain technology


Generally, the launch of a blockchain-based virtual city-building game like Polkacity might be a pleasant experience for both players and developers. A virtual city-building game can offer exciting possibilities by combining the gaming and blockchain industries.


Impressive Benefits of Polkacity Clone Script :


Here are some exciting benefits that a Polkacity Clone Script holds,


Let’s have a quick view,


  • Enhanced Virtual Experience
  • Customizable
  • Cross-chain functionality
  • User-friendly
  • Scalable
  • Easy to Integrate Wallet
  • Smooth transactions
  • Multi-player support


Terms of Polkacity Clone:


  • Supported Token: Custom Token
  • Version: 1.0
  • API Integration: All primary APIs Integrated
  • Blockchain Technology: User-definable blockchain
  • Script type: AR Controlled with NFT Multichain Platform


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