What is an OpenSea clone script?


what is OpenSea Clone Script?

OpenSea, based in New York City, is the best NFT marketplace. The company makes money on its platform by charging various service fees. OpenSea currently has a market capitalization of over 13.3 billion, indicating its popularity among cryptocurrency traders. These NFT Marketplaces are estimated to have over 90 million digital assets and 3 million collections.

OpenSea clone script is a ready-made, multi-tested NFT marketplace that works similarly to OpenSea. Our OpenSea clone script services are a customizable NFT marketplace built on a blockchain network that allows users to list, mint, and trade NFTs. CoinsQueens uses Wyvern Protocol in the OpenSea Clone Script for users to gain an NFT ownership state for a Digital asset.

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Trading Features of Our OpenSea Clone Script Services


A storefront is an essential component of the OpenSea clone script services. This feature provides information about new offers, deals, NFT descriptions, bids, owners, price history, and more about the product they are purchasing.


The auction has always been a popular attraction for visitors. The OpenSea Clone script NFT marketplace offers bidders a straightforward auction for purchasing NFT. The current bid status is viewable by users.


Users can leave ratings for the NFTs listed on the platform, which helps to understand and add value to the NFTs' performance statistics. Users can use this feature to find the most appealing digital collectibles in the NFT marketplace.


The OpenSea clone script services come with various listing options that display all of the NFT's details, ensuring that traders have all the information as descriptions, plugin names, tags, and more.


We assist you in efficiently integrating multiple wallets into the OpenSea clone script services. The platform provides various wallet options, allowing wallet holders to purchase, store, and sell NFTs and help them manage their wallets.


The tracking feature allows users to keep track of all their NFT sales, transaction history, and user activity. Monitor smart triggers such as floor prices, trading volume, number of owners, NFT traits, and individual wallet activity.


Converting digital data into crypto collections or digital assets on the blockchain is minting. Artists can easily upload their work because the NFT minting process in our OpenSea clone software is quick and easy.


Our OpenSea Clone Script Services include a feature known as bounty. The NFT Bounty Program is a referral feature that allows community members to refer creators to the contest and receive a reward from those who are accepted.


This feature has several advantages over traditional, single-language processes, in which translation is usually a benefit. Multilingual support broadens the customer support experience by allowing users to converse in their native language.

OpenSea Clone Script - Security Features

Security Features of Our OpenSea Clone Script Development Services

  • Anti-DDoS
  • SSL security
  • Registry Lock
  • Multisig Vault
  • Data Encryption
  • CSRF and SSRF Protection
  • Two-Factor Authentication
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Our Opensea clone app development services

As the number of mobile phone users grows, so does the importance of mobile app development in determining the success of the NFT marketplace business. We assist you in developing a feature-rich OpenSea clone app that is also customizable to your needs. Our OpenSea clone app has an appealing user interface. Our OpenSea clone script services support both iOS and Android mobile phones. The OpenSea clone app also aids in increasing the NFT user base. Create your OpenSea clone app with us to stay ahead of the competition.

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White Label Opensea Clone Works On

NFT Collectibles of our OpenSea Clone Script Development Services

  • Art
  • Games
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Real estate
  • Photography
  • Entertainment
  • Physical asset
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Blockchains used on our OpenSea Clone Script Services


Get OpenSea Clone Script from CoinsQueens

Why choose CoinsQueens for OpenSea Clone Script Development Services?

CoinsQueens is a leading clone script development company and blockchain technology expert. Developing NFT marketplaces has been extremely popular among business entities. It is the best business model that generates solid revenue. Our primary goal is to help our customers grow their businesses and stay ahead of the competition.

Our OpenSea clone script service enables entrepreneurs, startups, and business organizations to start their NFT platform similar to opensea. We have years of experience in the crypto world and guarantee to provide you with the best NFT Marketplace Scripts development service with bug-free and top-notch features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does your OpenSea Clone Script Services cost?

    The price of an OpenSea Clone Script Services varies depending on the features required. Using an OpenSea NFT Marketplace clone script is less expensive than other methods of NFT Marketplace development.

  • Do you have any demos of the OpenSea NFT marketplace clone?

    Yes, we do provide a demonstration of the OpenSea Clone Script Services. Send us an email or use our website's chat feature to get in touch with us, and we'll set up a demo in seconds.

  • How long does it take to create an NFT marketplace like OpenSea?

    You can create an NFT marketplace similar to OpenSea in a week using the OpenSea clone script, whereas building it from scratch will take around a year.

  • Can we modify the OpenSea Clone Script Services?

    Yes, with the assistance of our Blockchain developers, you can completely customize the OpenSea Clone Script Services, whether it's the design or the modification of the features on the NFT marketplace.

  • Why prefer OpenSea Clone Script Services?

    OpenSea is the market leader in the current NFT market, with a transaction volume of $3.4 billion. OpenSea NFT marketplace influences the majority of NFT aspirants for selling their digital collectibles; thus, developing an NFT Marketplace comparable to OpenSea will undoubtedly meet the aspirants' expectations.