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STO or security token offering is the crypto tokenization principle which in turn can convert both tangible and intangible assets into a crypto token with an assured value. They can include any assets like gold, or property or any kind of physical or valuable asset that you can allow the token holders to invest and have certain rights on them. The STO will allow the token holder to have rights like voting and share the dividend based on the investments. This builds up trust and credibility that the conventional ICO would be missing.

We, at CoinsQueens, provide you with stunning STO software built on our readymade STO script that will allow your investors to trade or invest in your STO business and enjoy investment rights and dividends based on the investment.

Types of Security token development services we offer

It is a partnership/ownership token that allows the investor to share the rights of the token.

Debt token - It is a type of security token that relies or represents the outstanding liabilities and assures the investors of payback with profits at a certain percentage as per their investment value.

Asset token - Asset backed token is a kind of security token that tokenizes the tangible asset of monetary value.

Utility token - This is a security token that can bring in funds for the development of any business project.

Business specific Security token development services we offer

Security token development

We offer you highly developed and readymade STO software to initiate your business with a credible token business within a week.

Whitepaper creation and development

We design and create your whitepaper by carefully analyzing your token properties and designing a business specific whitepaper for your crypto business.

Asset Tokenization

We follow all the legal formalities in your respective country with the help of our well trained law professionals and help you convert your asset into a digital token.

STO Exchange Platform

Exchanging the tokens in a secure environment is the dream come true for traders and investors and we make your exchange platform even more secure by helping you start your STO exchange platform.

Smart contract development

Our highly skilled smart contract developers will help you create your smart contract for your STO business.

Premium features of our STO script software

User Features

User dashboard

We have a team of professional UI designers and developers who can help you to create a stunning dashboard for your users to trade and exchange tokens effectively.

Buy tokens

The user can buy tokens of their choice instantly with our installation of advanced features and security options.

Crypto wallet integration

Crypto wallet integration - The user can integrate any crypto wallet of his choice to the STO site and exchange tokens for their transactions.

History of transactions

History of transactions - The user can check for the transaction history as they are blockchain enabled and each and every transaction is ledgered.

Profile Settings

The profile settings are user-friendly that the trader or investor can invest in your STO effectively.

Admin Features

Investors Management

We make your task easy by providing you the investor management dashboard that will help you to manage the investors in your STO site or those who have invested in your STO.

Automated KYC/AML verification

Verification of KYC and AML has become more easier due to automated processors that will analyze the financial information and guide you through the approval process.

Transaction History

You can check with the exchange or trading of your STO tokens by accessing the transaction history option in your admin dashboard.

Token selling

You can check the sale of tokens and manage them with your advanced admin panel of your STO platform.

Token listing

We help you list your STO token in many advanced and popular crypto exchanges that will help your STO generate huge profits and ROI for your investors.

Whitepaper creation

Any investor ( veteran or novice) can easily understand the roadmap of your token or coin as we help you create a business specific whitepaper for your crypto token.


WE provide an updated CMS management system that will help you to manage your online portfolio and content effectively in your STO platform.

Benefits of our Security Token Software


The main ideology behind the digitalization is transparency and STO token rightfully satisfies that.


Credibility is what was missing in the previous tokenization technologies and it satisfies the void that they have left. This enhances the trust among the traders, investors and even the STO owners.


When there is transparency and credibility, trust automatically pops out and hence STO is a viable digital platform of trust.

Why Start your STO script business with CoinsQueens?

CoinsQueens is a popular STO script service provider with readymade white label STO scripts that can help many businesses to start their digital financial investment journey via STO. We have helped many professional businesses to start their STO business with our outstanding STO script software. Our software is completely customizable that you can modify the software and their functionalities as per your business requirements.

We use state-of-the-art technology tools to create your STO software and hence it is updated and competitive for you to push your token to a global scale and succeed in that by generating huge revenues. If you want to succeed in your STO business and generate huge ROI for your investors and traders of your STO token, use CoinsQueens’ STO script for your business.

LocalBitcoins Clone Script

STO Development Methodology @ CoinsQueens

LocalBitcoins Clone Script
  • Asset Tokenization
  • whitepaper creation
  • Satisfying the legal regulations
  • Token Development on Ethereum blockchain
  • Smart contract development & incroporation
  • Dashboard Setup