Nowadays, Non-fungible Tokens have become a business element that has reverberated the perspective of digital businesses on generating ad hoc revenue opportunities for entrepreneurial communities. These blockchain-based business entities have scrutinized the larger communities to adopt profitable elements as the primary business option. Having an interface for selling and buying NFTs is the pinnacle of a successful business venture.

The NFT aggregator marketplace has been an incredible business opportunity for an entrepreneur as this realm advances with impressive updates because they provide the space where all NFTs and marketplaces are under one roof. NFT marketplace development is one ideal solution for this business vertical, attracting multiple stakeholders and investors to purchase their desired tokens. Keep going while we manifest more about it.

A Glimpse of the NFT Aggregator Marketplace

As previously stated, NFT Marketplaces are a popular business solution for staying ahead in the blockchain-based business ecosystem. We have one effective way for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to make more money.

The NFT aggregator marketplace is a comprehensive solution that has evolved to provide an exceptional user experience and astounding business benefits. There are two types of NFT marketplaces. The first is an open NFT marketplace that lists and facilitates various niche-based tokens such as art, music, photos, memes, and more. It is the infrastructure to deliver only a specific niche-based token. An art-based NFT marketplace allows only artistic NFTs to get traded, leading to a limitation in which a user must leave NFT marketplaces to purchase from different niches, which takes time and money.

The second is the NFT aggregator marketplace. The NFT aggregator marketplace has a space for all NFTs from various domains and marketplaces in one place under a single canopy. With this advancement, vital users with exceptional desires can find tokens in one location and gain access to their desired NFTs. You should most likely begin using an NFT marketplace aggregator. It saves you time (because you’re transacting in bulk from multiple NFT marketplaces at once), but they also save you money on gas (40% on Genie and Gem), which is pretty good.

Top-notch benefits of NFT Aggregator Marketplaces

NFT aggregators provide numerous advantages to both NFT buyers and sellers. Let’s take a look at them:

Unified Interface

As previously stated, NFT marketplace aggregators display stocks from multiple NFT marketplaces in a single interface, allowing users to avoid switching between marketplaces when trading NFTs.

Bulk or group purchases

Majority of the current NFT marketplaces, you typically make each purchase separately if you want to buy multiple NFTs. Users can make bulk transactions at the same time using NFT aggregators like Gem.

Improves search efficiency

NFT marketplace aggregators, through their search algorithm and sorting, enable users to search for any NFT they require using metadata and even natural language.

Personalized suggestions

NFT marketplace aggregators enable everyone to locate the required data. Users can find the essential data.

Top 3 NFT marketplace aggregators

While every NFT marketplace aggregator essentially does the same thing, their features differ as they do not all cover the same marketplaces. Let’s take a look at some of the popular NFT marketplace aggregators:


The first NFT marketplace aggregator was Genie. It gives users access to a library of NFTs available on various NFT marketplaces and enables them to trade on these NFTs. Genie supports 5 NFT marketplaces [Opensea, LooksRare, NFTX, NFT20, and X2Y2.] Genie allows you to save up to 40% on gas costs.


Gem’s main features include a shopping cart, rarity, flash bot, and whale purchase notification. These features keep users informed about the NFT market trends without charging fees. Opensea, LooksRare, NFTX, and X2Y2 are among the popular NFT marketplaces covered by Gem. In addition, like Genie, Gem can help you save up to 40% on gas costs.


Rareboard is a BNB-based NFT marketplace aggregator. As the name implies, it provides data and prices of NFT collections listed on its rarity dashboard. Rareboard has integrated as the most popular NFT marketplaces on the BNB Chain network, including BinanceNFT, NFTKey, PancakeSwap,, NFT Trade, and others.

Unique features of NFT Aggregator Marketplaces

NFT aggregator platforms are jam-packed with features and functionalities. Here are some features:

Customized Dashboard

The face of NFT aggregator platforms is centralized dashboards for seamless business operations. NFT listings from various marketplaces can be consolidated, viewed, and accessed on the aggregator platform. NFT for verticals such as sports, art, games, real estate, domain names, and so on can be viewed in a single location.

Push Notifications

Users can receive push notifications to stay informed on recent trends, new listings, and pricing alerts.

Price Comparison

Users of the NFT aggregator platform can use the price comparison tool to compare token prices, royalty, gas, and transaction fees charged by other marketplaces and choose the best option.

Advertising Administration

Entrepreneurs, beginners, and market newcomers can use the advertising tool to list NFT collections on the aggregator platform and increase their visibility.

Multiple Wallets Integration

Another noteworthy feature to include in the NFT aggregator marketplace is the ability for users to integrate multiple wallets such as CoinBase, MetaMask, and others to easily store and transact on NFT platforms without having to sign up for a new wallet.

Multiple Payments Gateways

Users can trade, buy, and sell NFTs using digital assets or fiat currencies in the multi-payment mode.

Royalty support

Before listing their non-fungible token, creators can set royalties on the aggregator platform. During the sale, their royalty fees get credited to the owner’s NFT wallets.

Eminent NFT aggregator development process

To start an NFT-based business, you must first learn how to launch an NFT aggregator platform. The development steps are as below:


Determine the scope of popular NFT aggregator marketplaces and select the blockchain to integrate. Following that, our experts conduct extensive research to identify the project’s risks. We will clearly define and document the requirements and plans. Gather all the software needed to start your project and brainstorm your ideas.


You now have a design concept; put it into action. Choose a dependable framework to assist you in reaching your objectives. The user interface facilitates usability and gives the platform a pleasant appearance. The design team creates an interactive user interface that provides intuitive access to users.


The developers create a blockchain smart contract with low gas fees for NFT transactions. Later, you can enable cross-chain bridging to connect to other blockchains. Blockchain developers implement advanced features and develop the platform based on the outline.


The Blockchain developers integrate all required third-party NFT marketplace protocols in your NFT aggregator platform and connect the API with the platform. The developers integrate the wallet APIs into the aggregator platform so that users can access any decentralized wallets they use.


The testing team confirms that the NFT buy/sell process is bug-free and works without delay. The testing team puts the product through rigorous testing in a variety of environments to ensure that there are no bugs or errors. Following a demonstration, the product is now ready for deployment.


We review the feedback to deploy the NFT smart contract on the blockchain and promote the aggregator’s platform using the latest marketing strategies. We also provide post-release maintenance services.

Closing thoughts!

The development of the NFT aggregator necessitates extensive blockchain knowledge. One should exercise extreme caution when selecting a company to develop the NFT aggregator app. CoinsQueens is a market leader in the provision of business requirements. We help you explore the upcoming NFT market revolution. We provide a more personalized experience and exposure to the customizable NFT aggregator marketplace. CoinsQueens is a team of experienced blockchain developers, designers, and testers. We have completed hundreds of projects with a positive attitude at a budget-friendly cost.  Consult our experts today if you want to start your NFT aggregator marketplace.