Modern cryptocurrency trading options are in demand due to the rise of cryptocurrency exchanges. Because of this, several cryptocurrency exchanges now provide a wide range of cryptocurrency trading choices, including P2P, OTC, and many more. Peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges are popular among entrepreneurs and cryptocurrency investors, because of their features like Fast transaction execution, superior security, and P2P Trading.

These features attract many startups and entrepreneurs to create their crypto exchange like P2P Crypto exchange. Moreover, P2P Crypto Exchange has a strong user base in many countries like the USA, the UK, and so on. If you are looking forward to starting your P2P crypto exchange, then this blog will be useful for you.

Many cryptopreneurs have a common query like,

Is starting a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform a profitable one?
How to Start a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform?

Is starting a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform a profitable one?

The answer is Yes. Cryptopreneurs can get many business benefits and profits by starting their own P2P Crypto exchange. Business people choose P2P Crypto exchange mainly for its features like

No Third Party Interference – Direct Trading between the two verified users in a decentralized manner.

Peaking Demand – Due to its easy accessibility you can get many opportunities around the globe.

Escrow System – It is the main feature of P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms, that draws users to P2P Crypto exchange. The user feels more confident in handling trade when the escrow system is more efficient. Thus, this builds user confidence and enhances the branding of your ideal cryptocurrency exchange.

Generate High Revenue – P2P exchanges have the potential to generate substantial profits quickly and establish a name for your company. Rather than employing different tactics, you might leverage your ideas to generate revenue.

Multiple Ways To Deposit And Withdraw – Due to its numerous withdrawal and deposit options as well as its security, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange is favored by many consumers. Only wire transfers and bank deposits are accepted on even controlled cryptocurrency exchanges. When traders employ bank transfers to make deposits or withdrawals from their cryptocurrency wallets, they will, however, be delayed.

Knowing its significant reasons for generating profit I hope you will be eager to launch your own P2P crypto exchange. If so get to know about it.

How to Start a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform?

Starting a P2P crypto exchange is easy if you choose a P2P Crypto exchange script when compared to development from scratch or open source. With the P2P Crypto exchange script, You can launch your P2P Crypto exchange in a week with advanced features.

Let us have a quick look at P2P Crypto Exchange Script

P2P Crypto Exchange Script
How does P2P Crypto Exchange Work?
Features Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script
Top 7 P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Script
Cost Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script
Why CoinsQueens for your P2P Crypto Exchange Script?

P2P Crypto Exchange Script

The P2P Crypto Exchange script is a multi-tested and pre-built script with many features and functionalities. It is highly customizable and loaded with a top-class security system. With P2P Crypto Exchange Script anyone can launch your P2P Crypto Exchange in an hassle-free way.

How Does P2P Crypto Exchange Work?

User Registration – In the P2P exchange, users must register and complete AML and KYC verification. To begin the trading procedure, log on to the platform.
Buy/Sell Option – Post buy/sell ads or choose from the existing buy/sell ads. Once the selection process to buy/sell is completed, the message will be sent to the respective buyer/seller.
Trade Matching – Trading engines match the trades made by the buyer with the corresponding seller. Crypto assets are held in escrow until both parties have met their contractual obligations, provided that they both approve and confirm the terms of exchange.
Transfer To User’s Wallet – The buyer pays the seller for the digital items they have acquired. After the seller confirms payment, escrow transfers the asset to the designated buyer’s wallet address.
Transfer To Escrow Wallet – The chosen cryptocurrency asset is moved to the escrow account as soon as the trader initiates the transaction.
Process Complete – Traders can file a dispute if there is a problem with the transaction process, and the admin will step in and fix it.
Features Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Trading Features Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Powerful Admin Dashboard
Dispute Management
Trade Pairs Management
Full Source Code Access
KYC And AML Verification
Manage Liquidity APIs
Multi Coins Support
Feedback System
Add Cryptos/Tokens
Multi-Language Management
Commission Management
Order Book Management
Private Messaging
Token Adding Tool
Manage Buy/Sell Ads
Secured Crypto Wallet
Offers Management
News Announcement
Atomic Swap
Escrow System
Trading Bot
Instant KYC, AML Verification
3rd Party Wallet Support
Multiple Payment Gateway
View Orders And Trade History
Cryptocurrency Price Ticker
Multi-Currency Support
Multi-Language Support
Chat System
Post Buy/Sell Ads
Market Order
Limit Order
Stop Limit Order
Crypto Converter Calculator
Verified Badges

Security Features Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Two Factor Authentication
Escrow System
Anti-Phishing Software
DDoS Mitigation
HTTP Authentication
Jail Login
HTTP Pollution Protection
Micro Service Architecture
Biometric Authentication
Cloudflare Protection
Encrypted Database
Multi-Sig Crypto Wallet
CSRF Protection
SSRF Mitigation
Video KYC & AML
Time-Limited Transactions
Addon Features Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script
Merchant API System
Crypto Loans
Advanced Chart Tools
Basic, Advance, Pro Trade Modes
Trading Simulator
Liquidity Pools
Lending & Borrowing
Light, Dark Theme Modes
Referrals And Gift Cards

Top 7 P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Script

I have researched on various P2P Crypto Exchange Clone Scripts to find out the top P2P Crypto Exchange clone script to make your crypto exchange business a successful one.

KuCoin Clone Script
Paxful Clone Script
Remitano Clone Script
Binance Clone Script
LocalBitcoins Clone Script
ByBit Clone Script
OKX clone script

Cost Of P2P Crypto Exchange Script

The cost of a P2P Crypto exchange script depends on numerous factors which is associated with the overall cost of this endeavor such as complexity, hiring skilled developers, features and functionalities, infrastructure and resources, and ongoing maintenance costs. Creating a robust and reliable P2P crypto exchange script can range from $5000 to $8000.

Why CoinsQueens for your P2P Crypto Exchange Script?

CoinsQueens is one of the industry’s top providers of Crypto Exchange scripts with white-label solutions. CoinsQueens offers the best peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange script with additional add-on features and a sophisticated escrow mechanism.

CoinsQueens offers best-in-class crypto solutions like cryptocurrency exchange clone scripts, white label crypto exchange software, crypto wallet clone scripts, DeFi exchange clone software, and NFT marketplace clone scripts.

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