The growth of cryptocurrencies are massive in recent times. There are more than 23000 Cryptocurrencies present around the globe. Each cryptocurrency has unique functionalities and different regulations according to its country. And the craze of cryptocurrencies will never fade away. The crypto exchange business module is always at the peak of other businesses. There are many successful crypto exchanges in the crypto space, and Poloniex exchange is one such crypto exchange. It’s a popular crypto exchange platform that supports 400+ Cryptocurrencies. Let’s see the overview of the Poloniex exchange.

Overview of Poloniex Exchange

Poloniex was originally founded in the year 2014, and it’s a US-based crypto exchange platform. This platform allows users to buy/sell and trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Tron(TRX), and other popular altcoins. It’s one of the safest platforms for crypto transactions.

Specialties of the Poloniex Crypto Exchange

  • One of the largest crypto exchange platforms with several registered users.
  • Support multiple cryptocurrencies and currently supports 400+ Cryptos.
  • It offers numerous trading options such as spot trading, margin trading, futures trading, Grid trading, and more.
  • A simplified user interface makes it easy and particularly user-friendly for crypto newbies.
  • Integrated with high profit-yielding revenue-generating modules, which will make substantial returns.
  • The transaction fee is lower than other crypto exchanges and has higher liquidity.

Developing methods of the Poloniex crypto exchange

The developing phase is one of the major roles to build a crypto exchange. Several developing methods have been available to launch a crypto exchange. Each method has different strategies and functionalities. You can develop your crypto exchange like Poloniex in two major ways.

  • Building an entire software from the scratch
  • Purchasing pre-developed clone scripts

Building an entire software from the scratch

This method is the foremost option for entrepreneurs. It is one of the ideal methods for developing a crypto exchange. The name implies that you can build the entire software from scratch. These methods need a huge team for designing, developing, testing, and more. You should spend money on each team. At the same time, it’s a long-term process. If time and cost are not a big deal, you may go with this method. But if you want an instant solution at an affordable price, you can go with the other method.

Purchasing pre-developed clone scripts

It’s a turnkey solution for cryptopreneurs, who need an instant solution for a cryptocurrency exchange. Because the software is already pre-coded, pre-tested, and bug-free software. With minimal customization, the software will be ready to use within a week.

Poloniex Clone Script – How does it satisfy cryptopreneurs?

The Poloniex clone script is ready for deployment software with progressive and business-specific features. It’s end-to-end customizable software, considering the necessities of the business. It holds all the essential features and higher-end security features of the original Poloniex crypto exchange platform. This is the most welcomed and satisfying method for cryptopreneurs. Let’s see the simple comparison between the two methods.

Comparison between Scratch vs Poloneix Clone Script

Key Factors Scratch Method Polneix Clone Script
Man Power This method needs huge manpower. You should hire designers, developers testers, and many more. Does not require any human resources, because the software is already developed by skilled developers.
Time duration It’s a long-term process. It almost takes 6 months to one year to develop a complete process. The Poloniex clone script is readily built, so deployment will not take more than one week.
Cost estimation The investment from scratch is varying per business requirements. The estimated cost is between $35K-$50K The cost of the Poloniex Clone script is between $5k-$7K.
Features & Functionalities You can develop every feature from scratch. You can add or modify any features per your business.
Customization Once the software is ready to use, the modification of features is a complex process. The software is easily customizable to your business-specific needs
Testing You should hire a dedicated testing team to test your software. The software is already tested for both the main and local servers.
Deployment The deployment is another separate work. Before deployment, you should fix all bugs and errors. Deployment is done within a week because it’s already pre-developed.
Technical Knowledge This method needs to hire technical experts. Doesn’t need to be a techie

Hope you got a clear picture of the two methods. And the second method is the most preferable method among budding cryptopreneurs. Let’s see the premium and security features of the Poloniex Clone Script.

Premium features of the Poloniex clone script

  • Super Fast transaction
  • Multiple Crypto Wallet Support
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Multi-lingual support
  • User-friendly panel
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Trading bot integration
  • Live Chat support
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Liquidity API

Security features of the Poloniex clone software

  • KYC/AML Verification
  • Two-way verification
  • HTTP Authentication
  • Login guard
  • SQL Injection prevention
  • Escrow management
  • CSRF/SSRF Protection

Poloniex clone app development

Foresight entrepreneurs will not wish to develop a crypto exchange for desktop only, they wish their users will enjoy the trading experience on the portable device too. Developing a dedicated mobile app along with a clone script is best for business. All necessary features and security options of the Poloniex exchange are loaded with the mobile application too. You can enjoy a seamless experience with your mobile application too. Let’s see the unique features of the Poloniex clone app.

Elite features of the Poloniex clone app

  • Biometric authentication
  • Facial Recognition
  • GPS tracking
  • QR Code Scanner
  • Pushup notification
  • Mobile Wallet integration
  • Chatbot integration
  • Analytical dashboard
  • Current rate display
  • Trade Calculator

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