Build your own Crypto exchange similar to Zebpay with an advanced Zebpay Clone Script that holds all the inbuilt features and functions from CoinsQueens. Also, we focus on building other familiar crypto exchanges, crypto wallets, Crypto payment gateways, etc.

In the present era, several crypto exchanges are processing in the crypto space by providing valuable services globally. There are a lot of prominent crypto exchanges that are running in this financial market. In this list, Zebpay stands out as one of the popular crypto exchanges with many users.

Many budding entrepreneurs and business startups are planning to launch their crypto exchange in the market to reap a high-profit business. So choosing a crypto exchange like Zebpay can be the best business idea to have a long-term business.

Business startups can launch a crypto exchange software like Zebpay with an advanced Zebpay Clone Script. According to recent research, most entrepreneurs seek to build their businesses with the support of Zebpay Clone Script.

If you’re one of the business startups planning to launch your crypto exchange like Zebpay, then buying a Zebpay Clone Script is the perfect decision.

Let us have detailed info about Zebpay Clone Script,


Zebpay Clone Script:

Zebpay Clone Script is a pre-fabricated software that is already developed, tested, and ready for deployment with all the essential features and functionalities similar to the original Zebpay platform without breaching its copyrights. Similarly, these clone scripts are 100% customizable, which you can enhance by adding or removing the features according to your business plans.

CoinsQueens provides the best Zebpay Clone Software with all the essential features and security options. We integrate modern security features and options in our Zebpay Clone Script to offer advanced software for your business launch.

Zebpay – A Brief Overview:

Zebpay is a crypto exchange platform that came into existence in 2014, located in Singapore. Sandeep Goenka, Saurabh Agarwal, and Mahin Gupta founded this platform. Users of these platforms can buy, sell, and trade a variety of digital money in a hassle-free manner. They offer their crypto trading services in web and mobile applications, such as Android and iOS.

At present, this platform has an active user of around 3 Million across the globe. It has a constant growth across a wide range of investors. So far, this platform has gained $2 million in volume through fiat transactions.

Why choose a crypto exchange platform like Zebpay?

Zebpay is a highly secure and trusted crypto exchange platform. They provide a user-friendly platform to attract all kinds of users to their platforms. They charge a minimal amount of transaction fees from their users, this is where they peaked in a high number of crypto users to their platforms. Withdrawal fees or deposit fees are not charged for fiat currencies. A certain fee is charged while withdrawing from Wallet.

Significant Features of our advanced Zebpay Clone Script:

Features are the first thing that is noticed by the users when they sign up for a platform. So incorporating the premium features in the software, you can upgrade the trading environment significantly. Here are some of the essential features to be listed on the platform.


  • Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration
  • Liquidity API
  • Multi-Lingual
  • High Volatility
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Site API
  • Atomic Swaps
  • Trade Engine
  • Margin Trading
  • IEO Launchpad
  • Stop Order and Limit Order
  • Referral Program

The above-mentioned are some of the vital features that are incorporated in our Zebpay Clone Script, Also you can customize features as per your business concepts.

Advanced Security Options of our Zebpay Clone Software:

Nowadays, most users are looking for a secure platform as they provide their information to it. So, offering a wide range of advanced security features can draw a worldwide audience to your platform.

  • Jail Login
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • Data Encryption
  • SQL injection prevention
  • Server-Side Request Forgery(SSRF) Protection
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) Protection
  • Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
  • Anti-Distributed Denial of Service

Advantages of using our Zebpay Clone Solution:

  • It is a pre-made script that is developed and tested already. So the deployment is easy and quick.
  • It Saves your time, money, and other resources.
  • User-friendly interface with high-security systems.
  • Assists multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, litecoin, EOS, and more.
  • Consists of Multi-language Support.
  • Provides Instant and secure transactions for the users.
  • 100% customizable and Highly scalable.
  • Capacity to perform several transactions per second.
  • 24/7 technical and customer support from an expert team of members.


Working Mechanism of Zebpay Clone Script:

The premium Zebpay Clone Script works the same as the original platform.

Let’s see the working mechanism:


  • Firstly, you’re required to register and open your account with your Gmail ID with a safe password.
  • Once the verification process is completed, you should complete the KYC verification to proceed further.
  • Hence to buy a crypto coin, click the buy/sell button and select the fiat currency by entering the amount of BTC you need to buy.
  • Credit/Debit cards can be used to buy Bitcoin. Then confirm the payment method, and amount, and place the order. Fill in your credit/debit card details to link your bank to the platform.
  • On successful completion of trading, crypto coins will be received in your wallet.
  • The admin collects a certain amount as trading fees for every successful transaction that occurs on the platform.


This is the working mechanism of the Zebpay Clone Script in real-time.

Cost to build an exchange like Zebpay:

The cost of development is one of the most concerning things for entrepreneurs while building a business. Because they need to be financially stable in all other aspects. There is no fixed price to build a crypto exchange like Zebpay, certain factors, and methods you choose determine the cost of your exchange like Zebpay. The cost may vary accordingly as per your features, methods, plugins, and other factors.

How CoinsQueens can help your crypto exchange business?

In the present technology world, building an exchange like Zebpay is not tedious work.

Picking the best Development Company can be an added advantage to your crypto business.

CoinsQueens is an elite professional Crypto Exchange Development Company providing offering robust solutions for our clients globally. We have a strong team of members in web3 development. We have delivered around 250+ projects with advanced technologies and premium features with high-level security.

If you’re looking for the best company to build your crypto exchange like Zebpay. Shake hands with us to build your dream crypto exchange business into reality.

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