Kickstart your Digital Crowdfunding Business with our Business-specific ICO Script


Business-specific ICO Script

Make your crowdfunding process more simple and efficient by initiating your ICO business using our highly secure, reliable, and functional ICO script. Crowdfunding has been an impossible task because you need to get the trust of a huge volume of investors and traders based on your strategy and mapping for your business. ICO-backed digital crowdfunding had made the process more simple and efficient. The ICO comes with a whitepaper document and smart contract functionality where the traders and investors can know about the token in detail and their scope in the future and invest in your business via cryptocurrencies by investing in your token.

Our ICO script helps you to clarify your traders and investors about your token via whitepaper and gives proper legitimate security and trust via smart contract development. We provide you with customizable ICO script software to create your ICO thereby allowing you to modify the software as per your business needs and requirements. Reach CoinsQueens to get your updated ICO script to start your digital crowdfunding for your business.

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Our ICO Script Development services

We, at CoinsQueens, are dedicated to providing you an efficient and functional ICO that can generate your crowdfunding for your crypto business by providing you multitude of ICO script services.

Token or coin development

Create your token instantly with our readymade ICO script services that comes with customization features.

Bounty Management

we provide Bounty management services as per your business needs that will bring a lot of business benefits for your cryptocurrency business.

ERC20/TRC20/ BSC Token creation

Create your token on any advanced blockchain platforms. We help you to create tokens either in Ethereum or Tron or Binance parallel blockchain.

White paper document creation and design

Whitepaper is the integral part of the ICO development and we help you create your business specific whitepaper that will attract a huge amount of traders and investors.

Smart contract development

Smart contract is a digital business contract and you will need them to have business partnerships or collaborations. We help you build an outstanding smart contract for your crypto business.

ICO fundraising admin Dashboardy

You can track your fundraising activities and the statistics of your traders and investors of your token/coin using our advanced ICO fundraising admin dashboard.

Features Of Our ICO Script

Business Features and Security Features of our ICO Script

  • Admin & User Dashboard
  • Customizable platform
  • Smart contract development
  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Cryptocurrency payment gateway integration
  • High-end security features - 2FA, HTTPS authentication, etc
  • Token integration
  • Referral program
  • Bounty management
  • Add-on features on demand
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Why Choose ICO Script from CoinsQueens

CoinsQueens is a professional ICO script services provider with hands-on experience in ICO software creation, smart contract development, and white paper creation. We have successfully delivered many ICO projects with business specific features and security options. We have a team of expert developers and blockchain experts who can help you create your desired token blockchain as per your business requirements. We also have a team of smart contract developers and whitepaper writers who can help you to get your smart contract and whitepaper for your crypto business. All you need to do is to indicate your requirements and our team will manage the process and provide you the ICO software within the speculated time. Reach us to get your business specific ICO platform for your digital crowdfunding process.

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How does our ICO Development Work?

Validating your idea

As a first step, we would validate your idea and would get a clear picture of how you want your ICO software for your business.

White paper creation

We carefully adhere to your ICO roadmap and come up with an attractive whitepaper document that will help you to attract investors and traders.

Landing page design

Our developers will come up with an attractive structural design for your ICO token to make it more appealing for your investors.

Token development

Our blockchain experts and our token developers will work on your token development process and help you create a market specific token for your crowdfunding and marketing.


we help you integrate some specific features in your token like crypto wallet or crypto payment gateway based on your demand and business requirements.

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Industries that can Benefit our ICO Script and ICO Software


Insurance industries


Retail sector industries


Healthcare industries


Real Estate industries


Accounting and Finance industries


Logistics and trading industries

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