The crypto sector is now on the brink of mass adoption. Crypto payment transaction value will surge 79.5% in 2023 to reach $20.40 billion and by the end of 2024. Due to the high volume of digital transactions, crypto holders and traders require a more secure, simple, and convenient platform to store their funds. 

This is why a cryptocurrency exchange platform is necessary in this industry. They allow crypto enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade their cryptocurrencies instantly and with ease. You can launch your crypto exchange platform with spot, margin & future trading options with 100+ cryptocurrencies. Crypto enthusiasts can try out this type of exchange platform to double up their business revenue. Let us have a quick look at these trading.

Spot Trading

It entails buying or selling cryptocurrencies at the going rate on the market for instant settlement. This enables traders to profit from opportunities in the market and short-term price changes. Numerous cryptocurrencies, including well-known altcoins and more obscure choices like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, are available for spot trading.

Benefits Of Spot Trading

Immediate Settlement: Spot trading ensures that sellers may quickly profit from market changes by enabling instantaneous transaction execution.

Market Price Exposure: Traders have direct exposure to the current market price for their underlying asset and benefit from its price fluctuations.

Wide Range of Cryptocurrencies: Usually Spot Trading offers an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies for traders with ample choices to diversify their portfolios.

User-Friendly Interface: An interactive user-friendly user interface for traders to navigate, execute trades, and monitor their positions.

Margin Trading

The characteristic of margin trading lets traders borrow money to expand their trading position. It allows traders to increase the possible profit margin. It’s crucial to remember that margin trading has an elevated risk because losses can be more than the initial investment.

Benefits Of Margin Trading

Increased Profit Potential: Traders can increase their prospective winnings if the market turns in their favour by leveraging their bets.

Diversification: Allows traders to spread their cash over several positions. With margin trading, they have access to a greater variety of trading possibilities.

Risk of Losses: Trading on margin entails greater risk because losses may surpass the initial investment. To prevent large losses, traders must closely monitor their margin holdings.

Margin Calls: A trader may have to contribute more money to fulfill margin requirements or risk having their position eliminated if the value of their investment drops dramatically.

Future Trading

Futures contracts, a type of derivative, are used in futures trading. These agreements detail the underlying cryptocurrency’s amount, cost, and delivery schedule. When traders correctly forecast the asset’s future price changes, they can make money from futures trading.

Benefits Of Future Trading

Leverage: Traders can amplify their positions and potentially increase their profits with leverage options.

Hedging: To protect yourself against unfavorable price changes in the bitcoin market, you may utilize futures contracts as a risk management strategy.

24/7 Market Access:  Traders may benefit from market opportunities whenever they choose, no matter where they are in the world.

Price Discovery: To help buyers and sellers identify the future worth of cryptocurrencies, futures trading offers a transparent marketplace that aids in price discovery.

Revenue Streams Of Spot, Margin, Future Trading 

The revenue generated from margin and futures trading is through trading fees, interest on borrowed funds, and funding fees. These types of trading allow traders to amplify their trading results, potentially realizing larger profits on successful trades, or more significant losses when the market moves in the opposite direction. The exchanges earn revenue through trading fees, interest on borrowed funds, and funding fees.

Cost To Create A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform With Spot, Margin, Future Trading 

Depending on the scope of the project, the features that are wanted, the level of customization needed, and the resources available for development are some of the variables that might affect the cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange platform with spot, margin, and futures trading capabilities. The price range typically lies between $5,000 and $8,000. The development of features like liquidity management, futures trading, margin trading, spot trading, user interface design, security measures, and backend infrastructure are all included in this estimate. Furthermore, prices might change depending on particular demands, collaborations with liquidity providers, requirements for compliance, and continuous operating costs. 

Final Thoughts

Starting your cryptocurrency exchange business with 100+ cryptocurrencies and integrating these features will surely double up your business revenue. It is time to launch your crypto exchange business platform wisely with various trading features to make your cryptocurrency exchange platform a successful one.

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